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The inverse relation between EMP and TG after the in vitro administration of lipid-rich solutions to whole blood.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 08:55 authored by Sabrina H. van Ierssel, Vicky Y. Hoymans, Emeline M. Van Craenenbroeck, Viggo F. Van Tendeloo, Christiaan J. Vrints, Philippe G. Jorens, Viviane M. Conraads

Whole blood was taken from 8 healthy volunteers (black) and 5 patients with coronary heart disease (red). PPP was prepared from different aliquots to which lipid-rich solutions were added in different concentrations. EMP were detected by flow cytometry as particles <1 µm and CD31+/CD42b−, and TG concentration were determined in plasma. The figure shows EMP numbers/µl PPP from samples without lipid-rich solutions (black inversed triangles for the healthy volunteers and red diamonds for the cardiovascular patients) and samples with added lipid-rich solutions in different concentrations (black quadrangles for the healthy volunteers and red triangles for the cardiovascular patients). Taken all samples together a non-linear inverse relation exists between TG concentration and the number of EMP (r = −0.707, p<0.001). EMP = endothelial microparticles, PPP = platelet poor plasma, TG = triglycerides.


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