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The effects of feeding state and 14 mU insulin ICV injection on blood and OB insulin levels.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 18:39 by Pascaline Aimé, Chloé Hegoburu, Tristan Jaillard, Cyril Degletagne, Samuel Garcia, Belkacem Messaoudi, Marc Thevenet, Anne Lorsignol, Claude Duchamp, Anne-Marie Mouly, Andrée Karyn Julliard

Bar graphs represent insulin concentrations (mean ± SEM) in the olfactory bulb (OB, full bars, left scale) and plasma (hatched bars, right scale) of fasted (n = 5) and satiated (n = 5) animals 1 h after ICV NaCl injection (Fasted NaCl, Satiated NaCl) or 1 h after ICV insulin injection (Fasted Insulin). The mean OB and plasma insulin levels were statistically different in satiated compared with fasted animals (Mann-Whitney test, * p<0.01), and the mean OB insulin levels were statistically different in fasted animals receiving 14 mU ICV insulin compared with fasted animals receiving NaCl ICV (Mann-Whitney test, # p<0.01).