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The effects of PMBPs on the migration of ovarian cancer cells by wound healing assay.

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posted on 05.11.2015, 03:38 authored by Jia Liu, Jing Bai, Guoqiang Jiang, Xinli Li, Jing Wang, Dachang Wu, Lawrence Owusu, Ershao Zhang, Weiling Li

Monolayers of A2780 and OV2008 cells were scratched with a pipette tip and treated with PMBPs (0, 5, 10, 25μg/ml) for 24 h. (A) Representative photos of migrating cells under microscope at 100× magnification field, before and after injury. (B,C) The migration of A2780 and OV2008 cells was quantified by measuring wound closure areas before and after injury. The experiments were repeated three times. **P<0.01 and ***P<0.001 compared to the control group.