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The effect of cell growth on nuclear staining patterns of 5meC and MBD1.

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posted on 2014-04-04, 03:41 authored by Selcen Çelik, Yan Li, Chris O'Neill

A Proliferative and quiescent MEFs were treated with 10-stained for 5meC and MBD1. The positive association between the levels of 5meC and MBD1 staining was shown for each cell (AU = arbitrary units of optical density). B The localization of these antigens within the same nucleus. Scale bar 10 µm. C The number of Hoechst-intense regions of DNA with different staining defined as MBD1 (stained +, not-stained −) and 5meC (stained +, not-stained −). Those patterns are significantly different from each other (p<0.0001). The results are of three independent replicates.