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The effect of TGFβ-inhibitors in fPCLS on viability, gene expression of fibrosis markers and collagen 1 protein expression.

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posted on 22.04.2014 by Inge M. Westra, Dorenda Oosterhuis, Geny M. M. Groothuis, Peter Olinga

The effect of TGFβ-inhibitors perindopril (n = 5), valproic acid (n = 4), rosmarinic acid (n = 4), tetrandrine (n = 4) and pirfenidone (n = 5) on the viability (A), on the gene expression of fibrosis markers Hsp47, αSma and Pcol1A1 (B) and on the collagen 1 protein expression (pictures are from a representative experiment) (C) of fPCLS from livers from BDL rats incubated for 48 hours. Error bars represent SEM. Significant decrease: *p<0.05 vs 48h, #p<0.05 vs 0 hours, +p<0.05 vs 24 hours.