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The effect of Nef on neutralization does not depend on the presence of CD4 in producer cells and is observed with HIV-1 derived from various cell lines.

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posted on 2011-12-15, 00:58 authored by Rachel P.J. Lai, Jin Yan, Jonathan Heeney, Myra O. McClure, Heinrich Göttlinger, Jeremy Luban, Massimo Pizzato

A, neutralization of wild-type and Nef-defective HIV-1NL4-3 produced in two CD4-negative T lymphoid cell lines. B, Neutralization of wild type and Nef-defective NL4-3 pseudotyped with EnvJRFL produced in the indicated cell lines. C, Fold-change of IC50 values for 4E10 and 2F5, derived from the fitted sigmoidal curves shown in B, caused by Nef. Neutralization was performed three times independently. Shown are the mean values and SD. The significance of the differences of IC50 values were assessed by 2-tail Mann-Whitney test, which retrieved for all samples p<0.05.