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The distribution of LncRNAs between mouse liver and plasma.

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posted on 2015-07-29, 03:56 authored by Zhenzhen Chen, Yanjin Luo, Weili Yang, Liwei Ding, Junpei Wang, Jian Tu, Bin Geng, Qinghua Cui, Jichun Yang

This figure had been made based on the data presented in Table 1, Table 2, S1 Table and LncRNA profile in the plasma and liver published in our previous study [12]. Up, upregulated LncRNAs in plasma or liver; Down, downregulated LncRNAs in plasma or liver; the numbers in the figure represent the numbers of LncRNAs present in plasma or liver. Total LncRNAs in liver: 20073 [12]; total LncRNAs in plasma: 10206; total LncRNAs present in both liver and plasma:9196.