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The detection of soluble LRIG2 ectodomain in the supernatants and its proliferative effects on glioblastoma cells.

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posted on 29.10.2014 by Qungen Xiao, Yihu Tan, Yang Guo, Hongkuan Yang, Feng Mao, Ruifan Xie, Baofeng Wang, Ting Lei, Dongsheng Guo

(A) Cells of U87-Con, U87-LRIG2 and U87-LRIG2ecto were cultured in DMEM for 48 h, the conditional cell culture supernatants were harvested, concentrated and subjected to western blot using an anti-Flag antibody. A representative blot from three independent experiments is shown. (B) After cells were cultured in DMEM for 48 h, the supernatants were harvested, filtered through 0.45 µm filter and subjected to immunoprecipitation to eliminate the expression of Flag-fusion proteins. The supernatants with or without immunoprecipitation were concentrated and subjected to western blotting. Representative image was shown. (C) The conditioned mediums after or before immnoprecipitation were subjected to proliferation assay. Statistical analysis was present (*P<0.05 vs con).