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The deconvolved profile for ctrA reveals sequential expression from its two promoters during the cell cycle.

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posted on 14.08.2009, 02:13 authored by Dan Siegal-Gaskins, Joshua N. Ash, Sean Crosson

(A) ctrA expression is controlled by two promoters (P1 and P2) that are differentially-regulated by the CtrA protein: the weaker P1 is negatively-controlled by CtrA and the stronger P2 is positively-controlled. (B) The (early) P1 promoter is activated immediately after replication of the ctrA chromosomal locus following the SW-to-ST transition. The subsequent increase in the cellular CtrA concentration activates the (late) P2 promoter, leading to an even higher concentration of CtrA and the repression of P1 (top panel, data reproduced from Reisenauer and Shapiro [53]).