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The cytoplasmic tail is required for ADAM12L-induced EMT.

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posted on 25.09.2015 by Michaël Ruff, Anthony Leyme, Fabienne Le Cann, Dominique Bonnier, Jacques Le Seyec, Franck Chesnel, Laurent Fattet, Ruth Rimokh, Georges Baffet, Nathalie Théret

MCF10A cells were infected with lentiviruses expressing either the fusion proteins GFP-ADAM12L, the cytoplasmic domain deletion mutant (GFP-ADAM12L-Δcyto) or the control protein GFP (Control). After antibiotic selection, cells were further enriched using flow cytometry and cultured for 48 hours. (A) Cells were fixed and immunostained for E-cadherin (B) The levels of vimentin and E-cadherin were determined by western blot analyses. Left, representative western blots. Immunoblots for ADAM12 and HSC-70 are shown as control. Right, densitometric analysis of protein amounts. Results are expressed as mean±SD from 3 independent experiments (*, p<0.05).