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The bioluminescence activity of Gluc is sensitive to its redox environment.

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posted on 18.04.2012, 00:36 by Hai-Yin Li, Xue-Ming Zheng, Mei-Xia Che, Hong-Yu Hu

A, Amino-acid sequence of Gluc showing two homogenous subdomains and the disulfides. Three of the five disulfide bonds have been characterized by mass spectrometry (unpublished data). The 17-residue signal peptide is underlined. B, The bioluminescent activity of Gluc is DTT concentration dependent. The purified Gluc protein was incubated with different concentrations of DTT for 6 hrs at room temperature. The activity was represented as a percentage of the original Gluc activity without DTT. The bioluminescence decreases dramatically with the treatment of 0.1–1 mM DTT.


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