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The bioencapsulation of ADSCs in vitro.

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posted on 15.09.2015, 03:18 by Mong-Jen Chen, Yuanqing Lu, Nicholas E. Simpson, Mark J. Beveridge, Ahmed S. Elshikha, Mohammad Ahsanul Akbar, Hsin-Yin Tsai, Stephanie Hinske, Junling Qin, Christian R. Grunwitz, Tina Chen, Mark L. Brantly, Sihong Song

(A) The strategy of in situ transplantation to locally deliver ADSCs into the liver tissue; (B) The morphology of alginate microspheres containing ADSCs after production; (C) The metabolic activities of ADSCs after bioencapsulation. The negative values indicated cells uptake glucose from culture medium; (D) The histology of alginate microspheres containing ADSCs (H&E staining); (E) The enlarged picture of picture D.