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The bacula of five species of Rhinolophidae.

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posted on 2013-12-03, 03:37 authored by David S. Jacobs, Hassan Babiker, Anna Bastian, Teresa Kearney, Rowen van Eeden, Jacqueline M. Bishop

Dorsal (row D), ventral (V) and lateral (L) views. Row B is the dorsal view of the base of each baculum. a) R. damarensis (Orange River), b) R. damarensis (Taung, TM 48040), c) R. darlingi (TM 47947), d) R. capensis (TM 40574), e) R. blasii (TM 7080), f) R. clivosus (TM46882). All figures are to the same scale and the scale line (bottom right) = 1 mm.