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The arcA (blue), crp (red), and etrA (green) promoter activities in mutant strains under either aerobic (A, B) or anaerobic conditions (C, D).

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posted on 28.12.2010, 00:06 by Haichun Gao, Xiaohu Wang, Zamin K. Yang, Jingrong Chen, Yili Liang, Haijiang Chen, Timothy Palzkill, Jizhong Zhou

Promoter activities were determined by β-galactosidase activity measurements. Both absolute (A, C) and relative (B, D) activities are shown (refer the text for details). In all panels, W, MR-1; A, ΔarcA; C, Δcrp; E, ΔetrA; AC, ΔarcAΔcrp; AE, ΔarcAΔetrA; CE, ΔcrpΔetrA; T, ΔarcAΔcrpΔetrA.