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The amino terminal end of different S. pneumoniae proteins ensures expression of the Citrine fluorescent signal when a conserved LE motif is present.

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posted on 2014-12-02, 03:11 authored by Maria João Catalão, Joana Figueiredo, Mafalda X. Henriques, João Paulo Gomes, Sérgio R. Filipe

(Left panel) Sequence of the first aminoacids of proteins WchA, MurM, MurN, Wze and Wzd that were linked to Citrine (shown as a white rectangle) are shown. Highlighted (black) are the conserved aminoacids L (leucine) and E (glutamic acid). (Right panel) Median fluorescence, with 25% and 75% inter-quartile range (black lines) of the fluorescence signal detected in S. pneumoniae R36A unencapsulated bacteria, in arbitrary units (A. U.), emitted by Citrine (BCSMH033), WchA(1-10)-Citrine (BCSMH063), MurM(1-10)-Citrine (BCSJC012), MurN(1-10)-Citrine (BCSJC013), Wze(1-10)-Citrine (BCSJC001) and Wzd(1-10)-Citrine (BCSJC011). At least 100 cells of each strain were quantified. Representative images of each strain are shown. Scale bar: 1 µm.