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The aKP Cycle Model

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posted on 22.06.2007, 02:28 by Bruno Delord, Hugues Berry, Emmanuel Guigon, Stéphane Genet

(A) In its macroscopic determinist approximation, the model consists of a simple reaction scheme. The nonphosphorylated (S) and phosphorylated (S*) forms are present with fractions 1 − f and f, respectively, and are interconverted with rates K and P by the kinase and a phosphatase. Enzymes are activity dependent through calcium, and f is the readout variable.

(B) Kinase (thick line) and phosphatase (thin line) calcium activation functions. Dashed line indicates Ca0, the basal Ca (0.1 μM).

(C) Rapid plastic modifications in f in response to Ca pulses from Ca0 to 6 μM (upper traces) and 3 μM (lower traces) in the stochastic (individual traces: thin black trace; mean trace [n = 20]: thick black trace) and deterministic (thick gray trace) models.

(D) Relaxation of f at Ca0 from different f values. Inset: enlargement of three relaxation traces during 24 h illustrates the low evolution rate of f.


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