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The Y maze working memory task and preprocessing of the data.

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posted on 2014-03-21, 03:31 authored by Mei Ouyang, Shuangyan Li, Xin Tian

(A) The Y maze working memory task. For the Y maze, dashed lines represent the removable guillotine doors. The occurrence of behavioral event is detected by an infrared sensor. Food rewards are located at the ends of goal arms. Arrow shows in the right plot possible correct path, dotted line in the right plot shows possible incorrect path. (B) Processes of spike sorting. (C) Rastergram of the spike trains recorded during the Y-maze task (3 s pre and 1 s post the tripping time) and the converted continuous series. The red triangle denotes the tripping time of the ‘choice run’ behavioral event in the Y-maze. (D) Plot of the principal components obtained from the continuous time series. The first 10 principal components (PCs) account for over 90% energy of the total variables. (E) Granger causality matrices in the original (left) and in the reduced dimensionality (right).