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The VZV genome is genetically stable in infected NHNP TLAs.

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posted on 2013-08-01, 02:31 authored by Thomas J. Goodwin, Maureen McCarthy, Nikolaus Osterrieder, Randall J. Cohrs, Benedikt B. Kaufer

(A) MeWo cells and NHNP TLAs were infected with v63G/70R and propagated for the indicated time frames. Infected MeWo cells were passaged every 3–4 days, while infected NHNP TLAs were maintained by the replenishment of medium as required. At indicated time points, samples from the infected MeWo cells and NHNP TLAs were removed, total DNA extracted and DNA copies of ORF63-eGFP and ORF70-mRFP determined by qPCR. Data are shown as mean ratio of ORF63-eGFP to ORF70-mRFP determined in triplicate from two independent experiments in MeWo cells and 4 independent NHNP TLAs. (B) ORF63-eGFP and ORF70-mRFP expression (upper row) in a representative NHNP TLA at 27 days post infection with v63G/70R. An overlay of eGFP and mRFP fluorescence as well as a bright field image (lower row) of the NHNP TLA is shown at 40× magnification.