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The TN and HD domains are sufficient to rescue NKX2.2-mediated Ewing's sarcoma oncogenic transformation.

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posted on 16.04.2008, 00:52 by Leah A. Owen, Ashley A. Kowalewski, Stephen L. Lessnick

(A) Schematic diagram of the 3xFLAG-tagged TN-HD fusion protein. (B) Soft agar colony formation of A673 cells infected with the indicated RNAi and cDNA constructs demonstrate that the TN-HD fusion rescues oncogenic transformation as efficiently as wild-type (wt) NKX2.2. Error bars indicate standard deviations of duplicate assays. (C) Western blot analysis of A673 cells infected with either control luc-RNAi, or NKX-RNAi, constructs, and the TN-HD fusion, or wild-type NKX2.2, using anti-NKX2.2 antibody (to determine the expression of endogenous NKX2.2 following knockdown using the NKX-RNAi construct), anti-FLAG (to assess the expression of cDNA constructs), or anti-tubulin (as a loading control).


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