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The Regulatory Element(s) Driving the Vulval Expression of nhr-67 Is Present in the Region That Spans from the Fourth Intron to the 3′ Noncoding Region

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posted on 27.04.2007, 00:22 by Jolene S Fernandes, Paul W Sternberg

Several transcriptional reporter constructs containing the nhr-67 coding exons (blue rectangles), introns (black lines), and the 3′ noncoding region (yellow hatched rectangle) were generated. The red arrow indicates the presumptive promoter of nhr-67 and the black arrow is proximal to the minimal Δpes-10 promoter. The yellow rectangle includes 2 kb of the 3′ noncoding region. The orange vertical bar indicates the junction between the fourth exon and fourth intron. Construct (A) consists of 1 kb upstream promoter sequence (red rectangle), the entire coding region (blue rectangles) and introns (black lines), and 2 kb of the 3′ noncoding region (yellow hatched rectangle) attached to minimal Δpes-10::GFP.

Construct (B) spans from the fourth intron (gene sequence downstream of the orange vertical bar) to the 3′ noncoding region (yellow rectangle) fused to minimal Δpes-10::GFP.

Construct (C) is an nhr-67::GFP transcriptional reporter driven by 1 kb of the native promoter region (red rectangle) and contains regulatory sequences 3′ of the fourth exon (sequences downstream of the orange vertical bar) and the native 3′ noncoding region (yellow rectangle).

Construct (D) contains 6-kb sequence upstream of the predicted first ATG of nhr-67 (purple and red rectangles) appended to minimal Δpes-10::GFP.