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The Region of Origin of Ipsilaterally Projecting Retinal Ganglion Cells Is Not Altered in Ten_m3 KO Mice

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posted on 2007-09-04, 01:49 authored by Catherine A Leamey, Sam Merlin, Paul Lattouf, Atomu Sawatari, Xiaohong Zhou, Natasha Demel, Kelly A Glendining, Toshitaka Oohashi, Mriganka Sur, Reinhard Fässler

Whole-mount retinas following reaction for WGA-HRP retrogradely transported from the ipsilateral dLGN nucleus. Labelled cells are present in similar numbers (see text) within the same region of retina and the VTC in both WT (A) and KO (B) mice. Scale bar indicates1 mm, which applies to both images.