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The IL-7 receptor is mostly expressed in the stromal vascular fraction of C57BL/6 adipose tissue.

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posted on 29.06.2012, 02:12 by Stéphanie Lucas, Solenne Taront, Christophe Magnan, Laurence Fauconnier, Myriam Delacre, Laurence Macia, Anne Delanoye, Claudie Verwaerde, Corentin Spriet, Pasquine Saule, Gautier Goormachtigh, Laurent Héliot, Alain Ktorza, Jamileh Movassat, Renata Polakowska, Claude Auriault, Odile Poulain-Godefroy, James Di Santo, Philippe Froguel, Isabelle Wolowczuk

Expression levels of the mRNA of the IL-7 receptor subunits (IL-7Rα; black bars, γc; grey bars) (A) and IL-7 (B) in different insulin sensitive tissues and in adipose tissue fractions isolated from three C57BL/6 male mice, using quantitative PCR. The insulin receptor mRNA levels are shown as control (spotted bars). Thymus was used as a positive control for the expression of IL-7 and IL-7R.