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The Hh signalling pathway is required in ECs for GSC maintenance.

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posted on 2012-04-03, 02:34 authored by Patricia Rojas-Ríos, Isabel Guerrero, Acaimo González-Reyes

(A) ptcAT96 (ptc-lacZ) germarium stained to visualise lacZ expression in ECs. Lamin C (LamC) is a marker of TFCs and CpCs. (B) smo3 mutant EC showing an undetectable expression of ptc-lacZ beyond background levels. (C) smoD16 mutant CpCs do not induce GSC differentiation. (D) In contrast, smoD16 mutant ECs are often associated with differentiating cysts. (E) smo3 germline clones (GLCs) dissected 21 d after clone induction to show that removal of smo from the germ line does not affect GSC development. (F) Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of +; UAS-smo RNAi/SM6∧TM6B (control) and ptc-Gal4, UAS-GFP/+; UAS-smo RNAi/tub-Gal80ts ovaries kept at 31°C for 7 d to show that en regulates positively dpp and gbb expression in niche cells. Triangles indicate statistically significant differences (Student's t test, p<0.0005). (G) ptc-Gal4, UAS-GFP/+; UAS-dpp RNAi/tub-Gal80ts germarium kept at 31°C for 14 d displaying a differentiating cyst adjacent to the CpC cluster (see also Figure S5). Somatic clones were induced with the bab1-Gal4 driver and were dissected 3 d after eclosion. Asterisks, GSCs; white open arrowheads, wild-type TFCs; yellow open arrowheads, wild-type CpCs; red open arrowheads, wild-type ECs; yellow arrowheads, smo mutant CpCs; red arrowheads (all panels) and red dashed lines (D′), smo mutant ECs; yellow dashed lines, CpC cluster; white dashed lines, differentiating cysts within the niche. Scale bars: 10 µm.