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The Expression Levels of ADR12 (Glyma10g35870.1) Transcripts in Standard and Defective Seed Coat Isolines as Determined by RNA-Seq and RNA blots.

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posted on 2014-05-14, 03:33 authored by Anupreet Kour, Anne M. Boone, Lila O. Vodkin

(A) The levels of ADR12 (ADR12-2) transcripts (as RPKM) in seed coats of Clark (left) or Harosoy (right) isolines. The blue line in the graphs represents the expression level (RPKM) of this gene in seed coats of standard isolines and the red line represents expression levels in the defective seed coats at the 50–100 mg, 100–200 mg, and 400–500 mg seed weight ranges. (B, Top) The Northern blots of RNA from 100–200 mg soybean seed coats representing three independent extractions of the Clark and two independent samples of the Harsoy lines. (B, Bottom) The Northern blot of RNA from 4–5 days old soybean hypocotyls extracted from two independent samples of each line. Each gel lane was loaded with 10 ug of total RNA, electrophoresed, stained with ethidium bromide to confirm equal loadings, and blotted. The RNA blots were probed with Gm-r1088-6964, a EST clone representing ADR12 and corresponding to Glyma10g35870.1. Whereas there is differential expression in the seed coats of standard and defective lines, there was no difference in expression of ADR12 in the hypocotyls. (Abbreviations: CS: Clark Standard, CD: Clark defective, HS: Harosoy standard, HD: Harosoy defective).