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The CHK1 inhibitor AZD7762 increases gemcitabine efficacy.

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posted on 05.03.2013, 10:01 by Jun Zhou, Zhengming Chen, Agnes Malysa, Xin Li, Paula Oliveira, Yingtao Zhang, Gerold Bepler

Four gemcitabine-resistant clones were exposed to drugs for 4 days. Data points are the mean of four replicates, and bars depict the standard error. The IC50 values were as follows: For clone H23-G-C8, control 51.4 nM, AZD7762-150 nM 22.8 nM, AZD7762-300 nM 8.5 nM; for clone H23-G-C23, control 47.7 nM, AZD7762-150 nM 22.6 nM, AZD7762-300 nM 13.2 nM; for clone H1299-G-C2, control 186.1 nM, AZD7762-150 nM 104.8 nM, AZD7762-300 nM 90.1 nM; for clone H1299-G-C18, control 123.8 nM, AZD7762-150 nM 52.0 nM, AZD7762-300 nM 42.0 nM.