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Ternary diagram visualizing the seasonal dynamics of foraging niches calculated from a stable isotope mixing model.

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posted on 2012-12-14, 01:21 authored by Jun Xu, Zhourui Wen, Zhijun Gong, Min Zhang, Ping Xie, Lars-Anders Hansson

Notice that the diagram has three axes with piscivory at the left, benthivory at the right, and planktivory at the bottom. Any point that plots anywhere on one of the side lines, or within the triangle, represents a foraging niche composed of mixed end members. The end members in this isotope mixing model is intermediate consumers (small forage fishes and shrimps) and planktonic and benthic primary consumers (snails and mussels), respectively, for calculation of piscivory, benthivory and planktivory.