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Temporal and spatial expression of milk gland protein genes.

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posted on 2014-04-24, 03:44 authored by Joshua B. Benoit, Geoffrey M. Attardo, Veronika Michalkova, Tyler B. Krause, Jana Bohova, Qirui Zhang, Aaron A. Baumann, Paul O. Mireji, Peter Takáč, David L. Denlinger, Jose M. Ribeiro, Serap Aksoy

(A) Tissue specific RT-PCR. Data represents three replicates. ( B) Time course of mgp1–10 and asmase1 expression during the first two tsetse gonotrophic cycles. Transcript levels were determined by qPCR using a CFX PCR detection system (Bio-Rad, Hercules) and data were analyzed with CFX manager software version 3.1 (Bio-Rad). Data represents the mean ± SE of three replicates and was normalized to tubulin.