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Target gene prediction, plasmid constructs and lentivirus infection.

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posted on 19.07.2013, 01:45 by Yue Liu, Wenling Zheng, Yanbin Song, Wenli Ma, Hong Yin

(A) Target genes of miR-196b, predicted by TargetScan. (B) Target genes of miR-196b, predicted by miRanda. (C) Target genes of miR-196b predicted by miRNA Viewer. (D1): BCR-ABL1-3′-UTR, (D2): HOXA9-3′-UTR. (E1): BCR-ABL1-3′-UTR-mut-1, (E2): BCR-ABL1-3′-UTR-mut-2, (E3): BCR-ABL1-3′-UTR-mutant. (F1): HOXA9-3′-UTR-mut-1, (F2): HOXA9-3′-UTR-mut-2, (F3): HOXA9-3′-UTR-mut-3, (F4): HOXA9-3′-UTR-mutant. (G): pre-miR-196b. (H): K562 cells infected by 196b virus (10×). (I): K562 cells infected by pLV virus (10×).