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Tandem cores can display correctly-folded GFP in plants.

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posted on 2015-04-01, 03:12 authored by Hadrien Peyret, Annick Gehin, Eva C. Thuenemann, Donatienne Blond, Aadil El Turabi, Lucy Beales, Dean Clarke, Robert J. C. Gilbert, Elizabeth E. Fry, David I. Stuart, Kris Holmes, Nicola J. Stonehouse, Mike Whelan, William Rosenberg, George P. Lomonossoff, David J. Rowlands

a) White light (top) and UV light (bottom) images of N. benthamiana leaves expressing different constructs via the pEAQ-HT vector. b) UV light image of an ultracentrifuge tube after sucrose gradient purification of plant-produced CoHe-GFPs. The diagram on the right indicates the location of the sucrose layers and their concentration. The area represented in green is the clarified plant lysate. c) Electron micrograph of plant-produced CoHe-GFPs VLPs purified by sucrose gradient. Scale bar 100 nm.