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TRIF acts as a negative regulator of rEA-induced MyD88-dependent activation of dendritic cells in vivo (MFI).

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posted on 2011-07-08, 02:12 authored by Sergey S. Seregin, Yasser A. Aldhamen, Daniel M. Appledorn, Charles F. Aylsworth, Sarah Godbehere, Chyong-Jy Joyce Liu, Dionisia Quiroga, Andrea Amalfitano

C57BL/6 WT (N = 3–4), MyD88-KO (N = 3), TRIF-KO (N = 3–4), and MyD88/TRIF-DKO (N = 4) mice were injected with 100 ng of rEA. Splenocytes were harvested at 6 hpi, processed, stained for expression of surface markers, and FACS sorted as described in Materials and Methods. All genotype mock-injected mice (N = 2–3) were included in analysis. One of two representative experiments is shown. Separate sets of WT mice were utilized for comparison with each knockout genotype. Mean Fluorescent Intensity (MFI) is shown and is indicative of amount of analyte per cell. The bars represent Mean ± SEM. Statistical analysis was completed using two-tailed homoscedastic Student's t-tests. *, ** - Indicate values statistically different from those in mock-injected animals (of the same genotype), p<0.05, p<0.001 respectively.


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