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TRAIL-R-deficient BMDMs express higher MIP-2 and IL-1β levels in L2- but not MoPn-infected cells.

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posted on 2014-04-02, 02:57 authored by Mufadhal Al-Kuhlani, James Rothchild, Sukumar Pal, Luis M. de la Maza, Sander Ouburg, Servaas A. Morré, Deborah Dean, David M. Ojcius

BMDMs were infected with C. muridarum (MoPn) or C. trachomatis (L2) as for fibroblasts in Figure 2 above. qPCR analysis was performed for MIP-2 (A), and IL-1β secretion was measured by ELISA (B). Error bars represent standard deviations from 3 separate experiments. * indicates p<0.05; ** indicates p<0.01, compared to infected WT cells.