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TLR9 deficiency does not reduce renal dysfunction.

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posted on 11.09.2015 by Pieter J. Bakker, Angelique M. Scantlebery, Loes M. Butter, Nike Claessen, Gwendoline J. D. Teske, Tom van der Poll, Sandrine Florquin, Jaklien C. Leemans

Wild-type (Wt) and TLR9 deficient (TLR9KO) mice subjected to moderate (20 minutes ischemia) or severe (30 minutes ischemia) renal injury and assessed for renal function after one day, indicated by plasma urea (A) and plasma creatinine (B). In addition, the cellular damage marker lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) was measured in plasma (C) (n = 7-13/group). Statistics were performed using Mann-Whitney where p < 0.01 = **.