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TLR4 deficiency diminished glomerular injury in DN.

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posted on 19.05.2014, 03:23 by Jin Ma, Steven J. Chadban, Cathy Y. Zhao, Xiaochen Chen, Tony Kwan, Usha Panchapakesan, Carol A. Pollock, Huiling Wu

WT diabetic mice showed significant glomerular injury including increased kidney to body weight ratio (A), glomerular volume (B), glomerular cellularity (C, week 24), glomerular mesangial matrix (D & E), decreased podocin staining (F) and WT1+ podocyte numbers (H & I) compared to non-diabetic WT controls. These were attenuated in TLR4−/− diabetic mice. (E) Photomicrographs of representative sections of glomerular changes at 24 weeks on PAS staining (×400 magnification). (G) Representative sections of glomeruli were stained for podocin at week 24, with similar staining intensity evident in non-diabetic WT and TLR4−/− mice but reduced staining in diabetic mice with a substantially greater reduction seen in WT versus TLR4−/− diabetic mice. (I) Representative sections were stained for WT1 at week 24. The data are presented as the means ± SEM; * p<0.05; *** p<0.001; *** p<0.0001. The number of animals per group was described in Figure 1.