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TGF- receptor inhibitors augment the effects of TKIs on colony growth formation.

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posted on 06.05.2015 by Emily K. Kleczko, Jihye Kim, Stephen B. Keysar, Lydia R. Heasley, Justin R. Eagles, Matthew Simon, Marianne E. Marshall, Katherine R. Singleton, Antonio Jimeno, Aik-Choon Tan, Lynn E. Heasley

Clonogenic assays were performed where cells were treated with DMSO, 0.3μM AZD8010/AZD4547, 0.1μM gefitinib, or both in the presence or absence of a TGF- receptor I (TGFRI) small molecule inhibitor: SB525334 (1μM). After 2 weeks of incubation, colony growth was measured. This assay was performed in a panel of cell lines and is shown here for A. UMSCC25 B. 584-A2 C. UMSCC8 and D. HN31. E. Representative images of the experiment performed with UMSCC8 cells in C. *denotes a p-value <0.05; **denotes a p-value <0.006; *** and ****denotes a p-value <0.0001.