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TBC-8 is involved in the same pathway as UNC-108/RAB-2.

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posted on 24.05.2012, 01:07 by Mandy Hannemann, Nikhil Sasidharan, Jan Hegermann, Lena M. Kutscher, Sabine Koenig, Stefan Eimer

(A) Double mutants of tbc-8(tm3802) and dominant active unc-108/rab-2(n501) or null allele unc-108/rab-2(nu415), respectively, followed the phenotype of the unc-108/rab-2 single mutants. (B) Interfering with the endosomal/lysosomal pathway by overexpression of constitutively GTP-bound RAB-5 (Q78L) in a tbc-8(tm3802) mutant background restored the NLP-21-derived VENUS fluorescence at the DNC back to wild type level. (C) TBC-8 is not involved in the generation of active NLP-21 neuropeptides. The double mutant egl-3(gk238); tbc-8(tm3802) restored NLP-21-derived VENUS cargo in the DNC back to wild type levels. Scale bar represents 5 µm. Error bars = s.e.m. (***, P<0.0001; Student's t-test).


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