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T6SS-4 gene expression is responsive to osmotic and cell envelope stresses through an OmpR-dependent mechanism.

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posted on 19.06.2013, 01:28 by Erwan Gueguen, Eric Durand, Xiang Y. Zhang, Quentin d’Amalric, Laure Journet, Eric Cascales

β-galactosidase activities (upper panel, in Miller units) and fluorescence levels (lower panel, in arbitrary units) of the T6SS-4 promoter in the WT or transposon ompR1 strain carrying the pBAD24 empty vector (−) or pBAD-ompR (+) after exposure – or not – to 0.6 M Sucrose or to sodium deoxycholate (DOC) for 60 min. Identical results were obtained for the ompR2 transposon strain (data not shown). p-values obtained using paired Student’s t-test analyses are indicated (NS [non significant], p>0.05; ***, p≤0.0001).