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T2*W hypo-intense regions correspond to cellular infiltrates detected by histology.

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posted on 12.03.2012, 02:36 by Helmar Waiczies, Jason M. Millward, Stefano Lepore, Carmen Infante-Duarte, Andreas Pohlmann, Thoralf Niendorf, Sonia Waiczies

(A) Coronal T2*W imaging using the FLASH multislice sequence (22 slices with slice thickness of 500 µm). (B) Susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) of T2*W scans using fully-automated post-processing by ParaVision 5.1 (Bruker, Ettlingen, Germany). (C) Cellular infiltrates in cerebral cortex; the overview of the H&E histology is overlaid with a coronal slice (plate 41) from Franklin K.B.J., Paxinos G: The Mouse Brain in Sterotaxic Coordinates. Academic Press; 2007 with kind permission from Elsevier. (D) Cellular infiltrates in cerebellar white matter lesions illustrated by CD4+ immunostaining and H&E staining.