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Systemic cytokine response in HuSAP+ mice to Stx2 and LPS in the presence of inhibitor.

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posted on 24.06.2011, 00:48 by Thomas P. Griener, Jonathan G. Strecker, Romney M. Humphries, George L. Mulvey, Carmen Fuentealba, Robert E. W. Hancock, Glen D. Armstrong

HuSAP+ mice were challenged with 225 pg/g BW Stx2 and 300 ng/g BW LPS alone, admixed with 0.5 µg/g BW antimicrobial peptide LL-37 or 30 minutes after IP injection of 2.5 µg/g BW dexamethasone (DEX). The immediate (2 hours) and delayed (48 hours) concentration of IL-6 was monitored. The error bars represent the standard deviation about the means of three independent observations for three individual mice. Asterisks (*) denote a statistically significant difference relative to mice treated with Stx2/LPS in the absence of inhibitor at the same time post-toxin injection (Student's t-test p<0.005).