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Survival proportions, body weights and infected erythrocytes of mice immunized with synthetic peptides in Anaplasma marginale challenge assay.

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posted on 2013-04-08, 02:13 authored by Paula S. Santos, Angela A. S. Sena, Rafael Nascimento, Thaise G. Araújo, Mirian M. Mendes, João R. S. Martins, Tiago W. P. Mineo, José R. Mineo, Luiz R. Goulart

FrA and PBS groups mice showed the highest body weight losses from 18th to 22th day after challenge (A), but the survival percentage of these groups where not significantly different among groups (B). Negative controls included non-immunized and unchallenged mice, which have shown no alteration in weight in comparison to the baseline and in mortality (data not shown). Infected erythrocytes for all groups upon challenge with A. marginale are represented as percentage (C) and its infected rate reduction relative to PBS group (D).