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Survival curves for D. melanogaster infected with Bcc strains.

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posted on 12.07.2010, 00:23 by Josée Castonguay-Vanier, Ludovic Vial, Julien Tremblay, Eric Déziel

Pricking assays were performed with a minimum of 30 flies for each strain. A: B. cepacia LMG1222, B: B. cepacia LMG18821, C: B. multivorans LMG16660, D: B. stabilis LMG18870, E: B. vietnamiensis LMG22486, F: B. vietnamiensis LMG18835, G: B. dolosa LMG21819, H: B. dolosa LMG21443, I: B. ambifaria AU0212, J: B. ambifaria CEP0996, K: B. pyrrocinia LMG21824, L: B. ubonensis LMG20358.


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