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Substitutions at position 8 of Gag GY9 or Nef YY9 alter binding of Mamu-A1*002 to Mamu-KIR3DL05.

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posted on 02.09.2015, 03:20 authored by Jamie L. Schafer, Moritz Ries, Natasha Guha, Michelle Connole, Arnaud D. Colantonio, Emmanuel J. Wiertz, Nancy A. Wilson, Amitinder Kaur, David T. Evans

(A) Jurkat cells expressing HA-tagged Mamu-KIR3DL05 were stained with an anti-HA antibody and Mamu-A1*002 tetramers folded with Gag GY9, Nef YY9, or variant peptides with alanine or tryptophan substitutions at position 8 as indicated. (B) Tetramer integrity was confirmed by staining LILRB1-expressing Ba/F3 cells with each tetramer.