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Submucosal tunneling and endosopic resection of a gastric submucosal tumor located in the antrum.

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posted on 2015-03-23, 05:51 authored by Jiaoyang Lu, Taotao Jiao, Yanmei Li, Ying Liu, Yanan Wang, Yatian Wang, Minhua Zheng, Xuefeng Lu

a: A gastric submucosal tumor located in the antrum. b: A longitudinal mucosal incision was made about 3cm from targeted tumor after submucosal injection (the submucosal layer was stained in blue by indigo carmine). c: The tumor was gradually exposed by endoscopic dissection in the submucosal tunnel. d: After tumor resection and retrieval, the submucosal tunnel was closed by metal clips. e: The resected submucosal tumor in a maximum diameter of 3cm. f: Schematic picture of the procedure; upper left picture showing the endoscope approaching the tumor in the tunnel for dissection.