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posted on 26.12.2014, 03:11 authored by Javier Pérez-González, Vânia Costa, Pedro Santos, Jon Slate, Juan Carranza, Pedro Fernández-Llario, Attila Zsolnai, Nuno M. Monteiro, István Anton, József Buzgó, Gyula Varga, Albano Beja-Pereira

a) Log-likelihood values (ten independent runs) for each assessed K value. b) Membership coefficient of probability for K = 4. Each individual is represented by a thin column which is portioned into four segments with different grey intensity depending on the individual’s estimated membership fraction (Y axis) in K cluster. Vertical white or black lines divide individuals sampled at different hunting events. Hunting events are located from west to east: Évora, Alqueva, Vila Viçosa, Azagala, Santa Amalia, Kisbajom, Lábod, Szulok, Cserénfa, Kereki, Kereki Kapasi, Pusztaszemes, Karád and Tótokilap.