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Structural description of Fad35R.

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posted on 2015-05-04, 03:12 authored by Appu Kumar Singh, Babu Manjasetty, Balasubramani GL, Sukirte Koul, Abhishek Kaushik, Mary Krishna Ekka, Vijay Singh, S. Kumaran

A) A monomer of Fad35R, shown in blue color; the ligand binding domain shown in cartoon and the DNA binding domain shown as sticks, superimposed with Fo-Fc map (green). B) Close-up view of Fo-Fc map (green) and corresponding residues of DBD. The Fo-Fc is contoured at 2.5σ. C) Overview of Fad35R homodimer. Dimer is shown as cylindrical representation and respective helices of two monomers (cyan and yellow) are labeled as α and α'. The dimension of the dimer is indicated and distance between two recognition helices, α3 and α3' is shown at the bottom. The twisting of one the DBD around the two-fold NCS axis is also shown. D) Superimposition of DBDs of QacR (yellow), CgmR (red) with that of Fad35R (blue). The conserved and DNA binding residues are shown sticks.