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Stress-induced up-regulation of gene expression correlates with the variation in TE presence.

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posted on 08.01.2015, 03:30 authored by Irina Makarevitch, Amanda J. Waters, Patrick T. West, Michelle Stitzer, Candice N. Hirsch, Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, Nathan M. Springer

(A) Proportion of genes up-regulated in B73 that are also up-regulated in Mo17 and Oh43 is shown for all TE families under the stress condition with highest enrichment for the TE family. (B) The relative expression levels in stress compared to control treatments (log2 ratio) is shown for B73, Mo17, and Oh43 for each of the 10 expressed genes that are polymorphic for insertions of TEs. The presence/absence of the TE for each genotype-inbred combination is shown by ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols. The genes are as follows: 1-GRMZM2G102447; 2-GRMZM2G108057; 3-GRMZM2G071206; 4-GRMZM2G108149; 5-GRMZM2G400718; 6-GRMZM2G347899; 7-GRMZM2G517127; 8-GRMZM2G378770; 9-GRMZM2G177923; 10- GRMZM2G504524. All genes with TE insertion polymorphism are listed in S8 Table.