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Statistical trends and alpha diversity of samples.

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posted on 2014-01-29, 04:31 authored by Karen Schwarzberg, Rosalin Le, Balambal Bharti, Suzanne Lindsay, Giorgio Casaburi, Francesco Salvatore, Mohamed H. Saber, Faisal Alonaizan, Jørgen Slots, Roberta A. Gottlieb, J. Gregory Caporaso, Scott T. Kelley

a Percent of Fusobacterium relative to pocket depth of sampled teeth (r = 0.2413, P = 0.0411). b Percent of Streptococcus relative to Prevotella (r = −0.3846, P = 0.0008). c Percent of Streptococcus relative to single Prevotella species, P. loescheii (r = −0.3055, P = 0.0090). d Rarefaction trends: distribution of number of sequences per sample. Samples were classified as Healthy Controls (red line), gingivitis (blue line), mild/moderate periodontitis (orange line) and severe periodontitis (green line).