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Split-Ubiquitin Yeast Two-Hybrid Tests of Candidate Interactors.

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posted on 2013-02-13, 00:28 authored by Ellen Spooner, Brooke M. McLaughlin, Talya Lepow, Tyler A. Durns, Justin Randall, Cameron Upchurch, Katherine Miller, Erin M. Campbell, Hanna Fares

The same number of cells of yeast strains carrying indicated constructs were spotted on SD–leu –trp (LT) plates that select for plasmids or SD–leu –trp –ade – his +1 mM 3-AT (LTAH) plates that assay for interaction. Fur4-NubG, Ost1-NubG, and NubG are negative controls; Fur4-NubI and Ost1-NubI are positive controls.


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