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Sperm motility inhibition induced by E. coli soluble products and its prevention by lactobacilli.

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posted on 16.12.2013, 03:10 by Arcangelo Barbonetti, Maria Rosaria Caterina Vassallo, Benedetta Cinque, Silvia Filipponi, Paola Mastromarino, Maria Grazia Cifone, Sandro Francavilla, Felice Francavilla

Spermatozoa were exposed for 3 h to E. coli (1.5×106 CFU/mL) in a Transwell system with and without a 30 min-preincubation with a mix of L. brevis CD2, L. salivarius FV2, and L. plantarum FV9 (1×108 CFU/mL), before evaluating sperm motility by Computer-Aided Semen Analysis (CASA). No preventive effects were exerted by gamma ray-inactivated lactobacilli. Top, effects on the percentage of spermatozoa with average pathway velocity (VAP) >5 μm/sec; Bottom, effects on sperm motility quality; VCL, curvilinear velocity; VSL, straight line velocity. Mean ± SD of 6 experiments. Overall significance for treatment variation: p<0.0001; *p<0.05 vs. “untreated”, “Lactobacilli + E. coli” and “Lactobacilli”.