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Spectra, image and organic carbon uptake of R. denitrificans OCh114.

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posted on 01.10.2009, 00:20 by Kuo-Hsiang Tang, Xueyang Feng, Yinjie J. Tang, Robert E. Blankenship

The spectra of cultures grown in the rich medium vs. in the minimal medium supplied with either 0.1% pyruvate or 0.1% glucose (a). No undefined carbon sources were included in the minimal medium reported in this paper. The normalized spectra in the 650 nm–900 nm range (b), the cell growth in the minimal medium with pyruvate, glucose, or HCO3 (c), and the cell growth curve and uptake of pyruvate (d) or glucose (e) with or without the addition of 0.2% NaHCO3 in the minimal medium containing pyruvate or glucose. More than ten biological replicates were performed in every growth conditions.


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