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Specificity of HPV LDR probe pool.

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posted on 2012-03-23, 01:02 authored by Jarmo Ritari, Jenni Hultman, Rita Fingerroos, Jussi Tarkkanen, Janne Pullat, Lars Paulin, Niina Kivi, Petri Auvinen, Eeva Auvinen

The HPV LDR probe pool was tested against individual plasmid templates. The horizontal axis shows the probes by ZipCodes and corresponding HPV types. The vertical axis shows plasmid templates by HPV type. The signals are medians over spot replicates on 1–3 microarrays. The majority of the probes give a high hybridization signal only for their specific target plasmids. For HPV 11, 42 and 43, there are no functional probes. HPVs 39, 56 and 68 have only one functional probe each. The probe A85 (HPV 73 ) shows a strong nonspecific hybridization signal to HPV 44 template. Minor nonspecific hybridisation signals are evident in probes A59, A110, A57 and A56.